Getting started…

Hi! I am *so* excited to be here, writing the first post for our wedding journey! (hence the exclamation points.)

After six lovely (read: long)(lol) years of dating, Mr. A and I are engaged! I’ll save our full engagement story for later- the short version is that Mr.A proposed at my 30th birthday party, making me the happiest person ever. The proposal was a complete surprise- to me and to everyone else there!

A kiss shared right after Mr.A popped the question.

When you become betrothed, people start to ask questions immediately: “when are you going to get married?” “Where are you going to get married?” “Do you know who is in your wedding party?” “How many guests will you have?”

And so the planning begins.

So this blog will be about our journey to the altar- the highs, lows and funny stuff in-between. Until next time, welcome to my wedding journey- I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!


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