First things first

When we began our wedding planning process, we knew the first question we had to answer was “Where in the *world* should we have the wedding?” 

Like many San Francisco residents, both Mr.A and I are expats. Mr.A is originally from the East coast and I hail from a teeny-tiny town in Wisconsin. When we started thinking about where we would most like to get married, all three places really came to mind. Like everything we do, we sat down and made a list of the strengths and drawbacks for each location. Here is what we came up with:

Option 1. Hold the wedding in the city we currently call home: San Francisco. 

A typical San Francisco view- lovely! (Photo credit: Christopher Howey,

Positives? We live here! SF has really become our home, particularly since 2009 when we purchased our fixer-upper lovely condo. Although having a wedding here would mean our families (and some friends) would have to travel, SF is a popular tourist destination so hopefully they would enjoy the trip.
Drawbacks? SF is lovely, but it is also quite expensive. Also, family is a *huge* part of our lives; asking our families to travel would be a big deal, particularly for me since I have a rather large family and I want them all there ’cause they are all so important to me!

Option 2. Hold the wedding in the Twin Ports: Superior, Wisconsin & Duluth, Minnesota.

View of Superior, Wisconsin from Duluth, Minnesota. The two cities are separated by Lake Superior, hence the name "Twin Ports". (Photo credit: TravelPod)

Positives? Most of my family lives in Minnesota and Wisconsin, so this would be a relatively easy location for them to travel to. Also, this area is much less expensive than SF, so we could invite more people and have a bigger affair. One last positive is that the area is quite beautiful and has sentimental value for me, seeing as how my Grandparents live in Superior, Wisconsin and I attended college & graduate school in the area.
Drawbacks? Mr. A’s family and most of our friends would have to travel to this location, first flying into Minneapolis, MN and then driving approximately 2 hours to reach Superior, WI. One other drawback that I worried about was the fact that this area did not have as much sentimental value for Mr.A as it does for me.

Option 3.  Hold the wedding in the Adirondacks of New York.

Adirondacks. (Photo credit:

Positives? Mr. A’s family has had a cabin in the Adirondacks that they have been visiting every summer since before he was even born, so this area is quite sentimental for him! It is also a beautiful region of the country, perfect for a wedding.
Drawbacks? Almost everyone would have to travel some distance to get here, and most people would have to fly in and then drive a few hours. Also, since we do not have any friends/family who really live in this area right now we’ll have to challenge of planning everything long distance.

Once we considered all this issues, the choice for us became clear: our wedding is bound for the Twin Ports (Superior, Wisconsin & Duluth, Minnesota)!

I mean come on, it is clearly the superior choice.
Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one. 🙂

How did you decide where to hold your wedding? Any other couples out there have multiple cities (or states! or countries!) that you call home?


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