the WHEN

“When are you going to get married?!”

This was definitely the most frequently asked question after Mr. A and I got engaged. Literally, people started asking us RIGHT after we announced the engagement. And I honestly had no idea what to say in reply! The engagement was such a complete surprise to me and I was so wrapped up thinking how AMAZING and AWESOME it was that we were (finally) going to be getting married that I wasn’t giving any thought to when we might actually do that.

Luckily, when Mr. A and I finally got around to planning the wedding, the answer of “when” came to us rather quickly. We became engaged in February 2010 and I had always wanted to get married back home in Wisconsin. We both wanted a summer wedding (better weather) and we couldn’t get married that summer (not enough time to plan!), so the obvious choice was June 2011!

So. When are we going to get married, you ask? I’m happy to report that we have set the date for September 17, 2011.

Um…yeah. We had wanted to get married in June, but that isn’t how it all went down. Here is the rest of the story: (did anyone else just imagine Paul Harvey’s voice in their head just now?)

After we emerged from engagement-bliss, Mr.A and I made plans to visit potential reception sites over Memorial Day weekend. I emailed and called all the sites we were interested in, making sure they had dates available for a June wedding and setting up appointments to visit.

What went wrong? Well, when we visited the sites half of them were booked all through June! One of the locations was even booked until November, 2011. I kept thinking “how could this be? I ASKED if they had openings in June, didn’t they think I would be interested to know if June suddenly became unavailable?” Apparently, instead of asking if June was available I should have asked for a specific date- and then followed that up by asking them to contact me if someone else became interested in that date. Basically, I should have unofficially reserved a date in advance of visiting the sites. Lesson learned!

And speaking of lessons learned, another thing that I should have done when choosing a wedding date was not only be sure the reception site was available, but also make sure that the church we were planning to get married in had that date free. Remember how I said that the site coordinator for Spirit Mountain was super nice? Well, one of the reasons I say that is because she went to *extraordinary* lengths to switch our site reservation with another couple’s reservation when we found out we couldn’t use our original reservation. Confused yet? 🙂

St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, where Pete and I will get married!

In short, Mr. A and I reserved Spirit Mountain for September 10, 2011 (how cute, right? 9-10-11!) and then three days later found out the church wasn’t available on that date. Luckily, Spirit Mountain switched our reservation with another couple’s….

and that (!) is how we picked the wedding date of September 17, 2011. Was your wedding reservation process straight-forward, or did you also learn a few lessons the hard way?


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