Champagne, cake and business cards…

…Otherwise known as the San Francisco Bridal Faire.

No one loves free stuff like the Anderson family. Which is why my sisters and mom flew cross-country this month so they could attend the SF Modern Bridal Faire.

If you haven’t been to a bridal faire- they can basically be summed up as “free champagne, cake and business cards.”

I love getting free stuff!

The faire we went to was held at the Ritz Carleton – FANCY! Unfortunately, since I am not getting married in SF I couldn’t take advantage of the great deals being offered by local vendors- but that was almost freeing in a way, because I could just focus on having fun (yay!) and gathering ideas.

Sister & Champs = guaranteed fun.

Even if you have a pretty good idea of what your wedding should look like, it’s helpful (and cool) to see some of those ideas in person. For example, my mom and I had been talking about purchasing chair covers and then buying tulle to “fancy them up”*. It was nice to see how awesome they looked in person!

Of course I plan on replicating this as a slightly DIY version. 🙂

But of course, there is a downside to wedding faires. Similar to making an appointment at a super fancy bridal shoppe and then falling in love with a $2600 gown the salesperson convinced you to try on, it is pretty easy to fall in love with the crazy cool wedding stuff you see at a wedding faire. (BTW, that gown story? Totally didn’t happen to me.)(Ok, that is obviously a lie. More on that story later!)

What’s that? You want to know what I fell in love with? Ahh…well let me tell you. As *soon* as I got my turn to try out the many photo booths at the faire, it was love.

The Anderson sisters love photo booth craziness. We're photogenic, right? lol.

Mr.A and I had been planning on doing a DIY photobooth, but after trying out the real thing at the wedding faire- I just can’t go back. Even though it means readjusting our budget, we’re going to get a photobooth at the wedding!

My sisters and I did our best to get our money's worth of champagne.

See what I mean about the dangers involved in wedding faires? They are great events for showing you all the possibilities, as long as you only fall in love with those you can afford. Was anyone else out there forced to make changes to your wedding budget after falling in love with a pricey item?


*As a sidenote, this is one of the huge benefits of a) having sisters and b) being the oldest of said sisters. My mom is practically buying stock in wedding gear, like chair covers, since she plans on using the items three times. Being the oldest, I get to use all these items first. 🙂 Sorry Caitlin & Alyssa!


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