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Although I am loving being engaged and planning has been super fun…I’m not going to lie to you, it has also been super hard. If you can’t tell, I am the kind of person who can research things to death before making a decision. And there are a LOT of decisions that have be made in a wedding!

One of the hardest decisions has been the wedding colors and general style. Rustic, elegant, fun, romantic, celebratory, crafty, personal and friends & family oriented, kicka$$….so many different concepts and I want them all to apply to my wedding! (That last concept idea was Mr.A’s, btw) How do I possibly narrow things down to create a cohesive theme?

This is the part of the post where I wish I could tell you some hidden trick to determining your wedding theme. But, if there is a hidden trick- I haven’t found it. Mr.A and I took at least five separate “What does your wedding look like?” quizzes, I have 10 wedding magazines sitting besides me right now on my desk and I stalked numerous wedding blogs for months to get ideas. The one thing that finally helped me narrow it all down was collecting images of weddings I liked and then beginning to create a mosaic of what MY wedding could look like, using some of those images.

SO! Without further introduction, I give you Our Wedding Inspiration Board!

Our Wedding! Sources from top, left to bottom, right: weddingbee, Zappos, The Dessy Group, weddingbee, Allegro Photography, Bluefly, Whiskerworks’ Shop, Bridella, a backyard wedding, projectwedding, St. Francis Church in Superior WI, flickr, Quantum Music, weddingbee, Spirit Mountain in Duluth MN, Pure Light Photography

I expect that as the wedding date approaches, we will end up straying from this theme in many cases. I am *so* flexible when it comes to how my our (opps! did I just do that again?) wedding should look (although Mr.A told a friend at dinner this past week that I am terribly picky about the wedding! ME!). Having this Inspiration Board made is simply a way for me to focus a bit and not get so overwhelmed; it is NOT a concrete roadmap for how things must look.

After all, I will admit that this Inspiration Board has already been through four iterations itself- hey, a girl can change her mind! Speaking of this Board’s creation, I used Mosaic Maker to put all the photos together and it was SUPER easy (Thanks goes to Mrs. Lemon from weddingbee for the tip!). Can you believe it…as I am looking at my Inspiration Board right now I am already seeing things I can add to it!

Did you have trouble nailing down the theme for your wedding?


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4 Responses to Inspiration Board

  1. Kelly Kauth says:

    I LOVE your wedding blog:) I randomly came across your site as I was searching for information on Greysolon Ballroom. I have booked them for my wedding reception in 2012- and was looking for reviews (since I am not from the Duluth area). Cute inspiration board- I am also doing shades of purple for my colors! I can’t wait to read what else you have posted πŸ™‚

    • annlili says:

      Awww…thanks! πŸ™‚ I’m really excited to share information about the Twin Ports since there really isn’t a lot out there (and it’s an awesome place). When are you getting married? Do you live in the Duluth area now, or is this a destination event for you?

  2. Kelly says:

    So true- it has been difficult to find wedding related information on the area! This is a destination event for me- I live in the St Paul metro area. I’m not all that familiar with Duluth, but I imagine I will be up there a few times this summer to meet with vendors and such. I’m getting married July 14th, 2012- so I have some time to plan!

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