Point, click, shoot!

Not even a month after Mr.A and I had been engaged, I emailed my friend Katie and begged her to take engagement photos of us. Although engagement photos aren’t necessary, I viewed them as I did anything else involved in the wedding- I only get married once, why not do it all?! I mean, how many other times in your life do you have a chance to smooch with your partner in public for hours on end with your own paparazzi documenting it all? šŸ˜›

And not only did I have fun, but the end product is awesome. Our photos were taken in the Castro & Mission districts in San Francisco- all within walking distance to our house. Although we had a few neighborhood destinations in mind when we started the photo shoot, most of the photos were just taken in random doorways or alleys.

One of my favorite photos, taken in a driveway minutes before the owner came out of his house and shooed us away.

Did I mention my friend Katie is a great photographer?? She is. šŸ™‚ Weddings (and engagements!) are a great time to show off the unique talents of your friends. Although Katie isn’t a professional photographer, there is no one I would rather have take our photos- they are beautiful and having a friend behind the lens made the experience even more special.

A very special thanks goes out to Katie for helping us to create such a great memory- and document the process too! Special thanks also to our friend Dana, whom I dragged out of bed early in the mornin’ to assist us with posing, locations and props.


For more of our photos and a different perspective on the day, see Katie’s blog: http://inoakpark.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/becca-pete/


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