wedding dress shopping: the beginning!

I mentioned in a previous post that Mr.A and I made a trip back to the Twin Ports (Superior, WI & Duluth, MN) over this past Memorial Day weekend to really begin our “on-site” wedding planning. We packed a LOT into that trip and had a tight to schedule for everything…in fact, I am not even a tiny bit embarrassed to admit that I made a schedule for us to follow, printed it off AND gave copies to my entire family (Who were all there that weekend, along for the ride- which was awesome! I’ll say it again, planning our wedding is a family affair).

Along with visiting potential reception sites and confirming our ceremony location, we also made our first forays into wedding dress shopping! There are two main bridal stores in the Twin Ports and I fit a visit to both in our hectic schedule. Although I did not find any potential dresses that would be “the one”, we did have fun and I learned more about my ‘likes and dislikes’ when it came to wedding dresses.

Speaking of which, let’s see some of the wedding dresses I tried on! First up we have dresses from Always and Forever Bridal in Superior, Wisconsin. For the Twin Ports brides out there (Hi!) this shop does not require a reservation (although we made one, and it was helpful) and it does allow photography.

(Please excuse our horrible photography below…and ignore my awful hair!)

I liked the shape of this dress, but...not much else. My family liked the details on the bottom and the sparkles.

Again, the shape of this dress was nice, but I thought it was a bit plain for me.

This is a mermaid style dress, and although it looked nice from the side...I didn't really like the front view.

See what I mean? Not as good. Also, after seeing these photos I decided to steer away from this fabric choice as it wrinkles very easily!

The other ‘big name’ bridal shop in the Twin Ports is The Princess Bride in Duluth, Minnesota. This shop does require reservations and they only allow photography of dresses made by particular designers. Although Mr.A does NOT want to see my wedding dress before the big day, he did tag along to this wedding dress appointment. Since it was SO early in our search I knew we wouldn’t be making any purchases and I really wanted to get Mr.A’s opinion and find out what he thought was beautiful. There were really only two dresses that stood out from this visit:

This dress made me realize sweetheart necklines are my friend and I liked this style gave me a great figure. Although Mr.A agreed, he also thought this dress made me look like a mummy.

Can you tell this photo was taken in the dressing room? We all liked how the sash gave me definition and the embellishments on the dress were nice...but it still wasn't "the one".

And that concludes our tour of the Twin Ports bridal shops! Again, I wasn’t really expecting to find my dress on this first shopping trip, it was just a helpful and fun experience….but then, I love wedding dress shopping!! Did you enjoy wedding dress shopping, even when you knew it wouldn’t result in a purchase?


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