And the winner is…

Some days I just do NOT feel like a winner. Take, for instance, today. I recently sent in an application for a work opportunity, and today found out it was rejected boo. And I started to think (and cyber-stalk) people who are in my field, same age group and WAY more successful to me. Before you know it, I was bummed about all kinds of stuff- that I haven’t been to Africa yet, can’t cook worth a darn and still haven’t finished knitting the baby blanket I started (for a friend, not me!).

Yeah I know. These are MINOR problems. But sometimes those minor things have a way of snowballing and we easily lose perspective. Today was one of those times.

And then I had a quick im chat with my fiance and he cheered me right up. (if it isn’t obvious, I am “mmmm…coffee” in this conversation)

mmmm…coffee: 😦
mmmm…coffee: i feel like a loser sometimes
mmmm…coffee: <sigh>
mmmm…coffee: <le sigh>
Mr.A: sometimes you feel like a winner?
mmmm…coffee: sometimes
mmmm…coffee: 😛
mmmm…coffee: not always!
Mr.A: keep a picture of me in your wallet
mmmm…coffee: why?
Mr.A: that should make you feel like a winner

Now, you could interpret this as Mr.A being all “I am SUCH a catch”…OR you could interpret it as Mr.A saying “I love you and no matter what, you have me! So you ARE a winner”. And it’s the truth! One thing I need to constantly remind myself in life (and particularly with wedding planning) is to put things in perspective. No matter what, I have my family, friends & health. What more do I need?

all you need is love! da da daa daa da da...


During the craziness of wedding planning (and life!) what helps you keep perspective?


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