Wedding Colors


Sorry, that was just me expressing one tenth of the frustration I have felt choosing my (opps!) our wedding colors. Of course, months ago I was able to put together an inspiration board featuring various shades of purple that Mr.A and I enjoyed- but exact color choices? That has seemed like an impossible decision.

Impossible, but unfortunately a decision I had to make so I could get started on my next big wedding project: the dreaded Save-the-dates (STD) and Invitations. For some, these items may not be dreaded. In fact, maybe they are even *anticipated*! But you see, I am not only DIY challenged; I am graphically, artistically AND creatively challenged. I LOVE the *idea* of being creative, but actually having to BE creative?! It scares the bejesus out of me. So even though I have dreamed of beautiful, unique invitations that my friends and family would hang on their fridge with pride…I don’t have the slightest idea how these will come to fruition.

But anyways. I digress. The show must go on which means I needed to nail down our wedding colors. Since I wanted to be able to email the colors easily to my family, I searched around for online program that would help me pick colors. First, I tried the adobe program Kuler- FAIL. Kuler seems very powerful and super awesome, but to me it was just intimidating and frustrating. Next I tried Colourlovers- SUCCESS! I don’t know what it is about the colourlovers program, but the user interface just worked for me.

And, TA DA!

A draft version of our wedding colors! What do you think??


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