The journey from “here” to “wedding” is topsy, turvy.

In wedding planning I often feel like I am going along, working on some project and then all of a sudden, my mom (or, unofficial wedding planner) will call and tell me “you need to do this completely unrelated wedding thing RIGHT NOW! Why haven’t you done this?! What are you doing? Oh, you are doing what I told you to do earlier?? Well, you should be done with that. This needs to be done RIGHT NOW!”

LOL. (I love you mom for keeping me on task. :))

Seriously though, I think that is just how wedding planning is. You are chugging along on something and then out of the blue- switch! Good luck if you think you are going to be able to follow some organized list for how wedding planning will go….life happens, and all of a sudden instead of working on your save-the-dates you are frantically booking a rehearsal dinner location.

And that is exactly what happened to me. I was working on STDs (lol) and my mom called to debrief the Duluth Bridal Show she had recently attended with my Grandmother. Now, those from the Northwoods know- the Duluth Show is THE show to go to. Its a must-see. So, my family had gone without me (Boo! And thanks!!) and had placed a tentative hold on Grandma’s Restaurant for our rehearsal dinner….and then a few weeks later Grandma’s called my mom and said “Someone else is interested in this restaurant for a rehearsal dinner on that date! You need to sign a contract, or we go with the other party!”

The kitty was helping Mr.A with STD assembly (aren’t they cute!?) when we had to suddenly switch gears and work on booking our rehearsal dinner.

And so my switch from STDs to Rehearsal Dinner locations.

This may sound like a LONG, BORING story…but there is a message here! Lessons to be learned! And since I am all wise and stuff (ha!), I will impart these lessons on you, my captive audience. 🙂

Lessons in Wedding Planning:

1. Always remember, the journey from “here” to “wedding” is not straight. It is topy, turvy and very curvy. There are bumps, potholes, and side roads. Keep going, you’ll get to the end eventually! The best way to equip yourself for the rough road ahead is to be flexible and take time out to remember why you are doing this in the first place AND celebrate small victories.

2. Enlist help. I’m a do-it-yourself kinda a gal, so this one is hard for me. I like things done a certain way, and for some reason- other people always do it different! (shocking, right?) But there are three things I try to remember to make enlisting help easier: First, maybe “my way” isn’t the best way and second, maybe perfection isn’t necessary. Oh, and third- yes, maybe the task you asking for help on is boring/annoying, but your friends are friends for a reason! Cause they like you, so chances are they are happy to help. 🙂

3. Once you make a decision, don’t second guess it. OMG, my mother is reading this right now (I’m sure) and thinking “when WILL you learn this?!” I’ve second-guessed every decision we’ve made in this process!! Did I choose the right dress? Should I be having a beach wedding instead of a church production? Should I just have the bridesmaids wear black dresses instead of purple??
Let me tell you folks- second guessing things is not helpful; it is only going to make you crazy. The problem with wedding planning is, there are SO many “right choices” you could make! Often, there is no clear cut- “we should do this”. So once you decide, get excited about the choice you have made and don’t look back. (And yes mom, I will try to take this advice!)

4. ENJOY THE RIDE! I think that is the biggest piece of advice I can share. I think it is SO important to try and enjoy the process as much as possible, otherwise you are just going to be beat-down, worn-out by your wedding date.

New Years 2011

One of our fav ways to relax is getting dressed up and going out for cocktails & appetizers. Cheaper than dinner and oh-so-fancy!

Speaking of enjoying the ride, After writing a few blog posts this morning (A few! I know…so industrious), Mr. A and I are going wine tasting. Why? Because we want to! We should totally be finishing up our STDs (hee hee) but, hey! If we don’t keep the romance alive, there will be nothing to “save the date” for!

All work and no play results in a sad Mr.A 😛

What “Lessons in Wedding Planning” have you learned along the way??


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1 Response to The journey from “here” to “wedding” is topsy, turvy.

  1. Mom says:

    Wonderful advice for any bride! Your wedding will be awesome because you and Pete belong together. At the end of the day it won’t matter if you sent too many or not enough save the dates, what will matter is the love you have for each other and that we will all be there to witness the beginning of your new journey as man and wife. Although I am pretty sure the world WILL stop turning if you persist in ignoring your mother…lol! Love you both! Mom

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