Vendor Spotlight: Photography

Many brides make photography a top priority for their wedding. And I have to say that I am no different- I mean, who wouldn’t want fantastic photos to remember one of the best days in their life??



Soon after we booked our reception site and wedding date, we started researching photography. Why did we focus on this so quickly?? Most wedding books say not to worry about the photographer until about nine months until the wedding; we started looking when the wedding was still more than year away!

The thing is, good photography is expensive AND can be hard to find. I won’t bore you by  recounting the many websites and craigslist ads I looked through and the MANY photographers I emailed to get more information, only to find that they didn’t really match the tone of our wedding or were simply too expensive for us to afford.

But finally! I found an ad for The Enchanted Image on craigslist, a husband & wife team based in Minneapolis. They were within our budget and I loved their photos. After a super short phone conversation with Enchanted Wedding, in which I attempted to ask super-smart questions, I booked ’em! And I am SUPER EXCITED!

I particularly loved this set of engagement photos done by The Enchanted Image. So Pretty!

I have to say the main reasons I had for choosing The Enchanted Image were budget and a “feeling”. I just had this “feeling” that they were my photographers…I know that sounds crazy. BUT, as I mentioned, I also did ask a few questions to ensure they could provide the services I was looking for. The super-smart questions I asked included:

– Can we have a digital copy of the photos? (yes, I get a cd afterwards!)
– Can guests take photos while you are also taking photos? As in, can guests take photos of the poses that you, the photographer, set up? (answer was yes!)
– What happens in an emergency? What is the back-up plan? (I can’t remember what they answered…but it was good!)
– What is your style? (Photojournalistic)
– For the engagement and wedding shoots, can we do multiple locations at no extra cost?  (Yes)
– How soon after the wedding can we expect to get photos? (Within a month)

Hmmm…I know I had many other questions, but to me those were the most important.

So my final words of advice to those looking for reasonably priced and high quality wedding photography is: don’t give up! Be persistent! Consider photography teams that are “less established” as they may offer better deals since they are still building client base. And most of all- make sure you have  good rapport with the photography team you choose; I think this is almost the most important factor. People who are comfortable and happy will automatically take better photos. 🙂



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