To DJ or not to DJ ?

That IS the question. 🙂

Surprisingly, although many (MANY) of our decisions in this wedding process have led to complex debates, countless hours of research and opinion polling of friends & family, this was one decision that was clear from the start: we needed to get a DJ.

I can haz dj !

There were a couple of factors that led to this obvious decision:
1. I have HORRIBLE taste in music. Seriously! I basically have no filter and like everything (I even love this song), which is nice in theory but makes for disjointed and random playlists.
2. Mr.A has great taste in music, but he has a strong filter….maybe even too strong. In general, he is NOT into pop music or top 40s. So while Mr.A could put together a great wedding playlist, it probably wouldn’t be relate-able to everyone. (That and he simply doesn’t have the time for playlist development; being a home-owner takes all his spare moments!)
3. I STRESS OUT and would not be able to handle managing a ipod while trying to also enjoy the reception.
4. We had a few friends that would make great DJs, but we really preferred to not have our friends working during the reception.
5. We would have loved to have a band, but we simply didn’t have the budget for it.
6. Lastly, we just thought music at the reception was REALLY important! We wanted to ensure that we had music played which would be enjoyable for all of our guests, that the music would be able to provide a celebratory, high-enjoy feel. And the best thing we could do to make that happen was hire a professional. 😉

So there you have it ! Hiring a DJ was a simple decision for us. In some ways, I wish we could have saved money and done the ipod thing or hired a rockin band- but a DJ made the most sense. And I gotta say, I can’t wait to enjoy our party! 🙂

What made the most sense for you- DJ, band, ipod (other?) ? Was it an easy decision or did you agonize, as we do over most everything else?


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