Vendor Spotlight: Music !

As I mentioned earlier, deciding that we wanted to get a dj for our wedding was a super simple decision to make. Deciding WHICH DJ was actually pretty easy as well ! It all came down to the photobooth.

If you go back even farther in our wedding journey, you’ll see that I feel in love with photobooths after attending my first wedding show. They are just SO much fun and provide a great keepsake of the event for both you and your guests.

Mr.A and I enjoying the photobooth at our friend's December 2010 wedding.

I had to have one. 🙂 So, my mom – being the great helper that she is! thanks!!- researched all the available photobooths in Minnesota and Wisconsin to see which was the best value. (Us Wisco gals love a great deal!) You can download her research HERE.

Now, here is the part where I bring it all back to the music. 😉 If you look at the research, you’ll see that “Rock n’ Roll To GO” offered a good price, but not the lowest price. But, as the name implies they Rock AND the Roll*, so they offered not only photobooth service- but DJ service as well. And, if we booked them together…we got a discount. A HUGE discount.

“RNR2G” is fairly well-known in Wisconsin and the deal definitely had my attention, but as I mentioned before, music is important, so we really wanted to get the feeling that this DJ would be able to “get” our wedding and play to the crowd. Mr.A and I thought it was so important, we met with them TWICE in Wisconsin and asked questions like:

– Um..what kinda music do you play?
– Are you good?

Lol. Well, ok- we asked slightly more intelligent questions than that. But barely. We just didn’t really know what to ask that we didn’t already know the answer to! So instead, we just hung out with our DJ, got to know the company until we felt comfortable enough to plunk down our deposit. And I think that worked for us.

In addition to the interview, I spent a few hours researching online and looking for reviews. Unfortunately, there aren’t many reviews out there for Wisconsin vendors- boo! So, I turned to my trusty friend facebook. I posted a question as my status, asking if anyone had experiences to share about RNR2G. Immediately, I had at least 5 people message me about their service- all positive. Gotta love social networking.

How did you decide on your DJ? Were you swayed by a deal, a personal interview with the DJ, reviews and recommendations….or all of the above? 🙂

*Yes, horrible joke. But we basically kept saying that line the entire weekend after we met them. Mr.A would turn to me and say “I rock AND I roll”. LOL.


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