Oh….how I LOVE monograms. And weddings are the perfect excuse opportunity to get a personalized monogram made. Just look at these awesome monogram finds:

Found on etsy

Custom Monogram by Wedding Aces

When I was brainstorming ideas for wedding invitations and save-the-dates (as well as general reception decor), I kept coming back to the idea that using a monogram could really tie everything together. Just think of all the paper products which would be perfect for featuring a monogram: menus, place cards, programs, signs, welcome pamphlets- and on and on.

Classy modern invite, found on etsy.

This was one of the first inspiration photos I tagged featuring a monogram on the wedding invite.

Want yet another way to use your monogram at your wedding?

Custom spotlight effects! Love! (Photo via Wedding Aces)

Looks great, right? This customized spotlight effect looks great on the dance floor and I can imagine it would also look fantastic on the wall during the cocktail hour and dinner. If you, like me, are hiring a DJ for your wedding reception then they are most likely bringing some lighting (or perhaps your reception location has some special lighting). If they have a high powered spotlight, it can easily be outfitted with a “gobo”, which is essentially a spotlight stencil. Gobos are typically made of glass, metal or plastic (due to the high intensity and heat of the spotlight), so they are hard to DIY….BUT, if your DJ is willing, you can easily get your own gobo made for around $58 (I found this by doing a quick google search on “diy gobo”.) Using a custom gobo is definitely something I am going to explore, so stay tuned for more info on that!

Now that we’ve exhausted the possibilities for using your monogram, how do you get one made?! Luckily, I have a SUPER ARTISTIC friend who *volunteered* to make a monogram for Mr.A and I (Thank you friend!!!). We recently unveiled said monogram, and people love it- and so do I!

Our lovely monogram, incorporating our first names and last name initial. 🙂

<swoon> Isn’t it lovely? And can’t you just imagine that this would look GREAT on a set of throw pillows? On cloth napkins? Dishtowels? (I think I need to stop. lol)

As you can tell, I HIGHLY recommend getting a monogram done. And if you aren’t lucky enough to have a graphic designer friend (who is completely amazing, as mine is!), you can always do a google search on “custom monogram” to see what companies offer this service (Typically ranging in price from $4 – $50) OR go to etsy and browse their vendors offering custom monograms (I recommend searching in their wedding section, using the terms “monogram” and “custom”.) OR you can request to have one made through the etsy alchemy process! In fact, that is how I am getting a custom return address stamp with my monogram done, for the low price of $12. Unfortunately, alchemy is down right now (boo!) for maintenance- but I’ll be sure to post an update when I see it back online.

Are you using a monogram, or other special design element for your wedding? What process did you use to create this feature?


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