Wedding Deals & Steals

I’ve already blogged about awesome-ness of social coupons sites, but I since then a few new sites have popped up and there are some great deals out there you should take advantage of!

1. Eversave: This is a fairly new social coupon site, that focuses a lot on online shopping. Meaning, they often have coupons for online clothing, shoe & accessories stores. Hello- is anyone else thinking what I am thinking? This is a great opportunity to get your wedding shoes at a discount, jewelry for your bridesmaids (or self!) and maybe some cute clothing for the rehearsal dinner or honeymoon! For example, today eversave had a coupon for $20 for $40 worth of merchandise at

I totally ❤ these shoes. Online price is $199.99- wayy more than my budget. But at least with the eversave coupon they'd be $20 less!

At $49.99 (and $20 off with coupon!), thse are more my style. And honestly, I think they would look great. (Hard to get over the softness of the BMs though, right?)

I ❤ sparkles! These Chinese Laundy shoes are a steal. $69.99, with a $20 off- and Chinese Laundry is a great brand so you know they won't fall apart.

2. Townhog: Now, I haven’t purchased anything from townhog (yet!) so I can’t give it my personal recommendation, but I do get there emails and I have been tempted! They have a great coupon for SF right now that allows you get to a custom facial for $39. Wouldn’t that be a nice treat right before your wedding?

3. Ideleli: This site isn’t exactly a social coupon site, it is more of the “online sale” variety. And again, I haven’t purchased anything here so I can’t personally recommend it- but I have been tempted!

I actually might buy this set today. At $34 it is SO cute- and I think it would make a great gift for my friend who is getting married this summer. (Yes, I am one of those awful people that buys off the registry. And I encourage others to too!)

The one thing I would remind everyone (including myself!) if you use social coupon sites is to WATCH THE EXPIRATION DATES! Some sites, like Groupon, will email you before your coupon expires and remind you to use them- other sites won’t! It’s always sad when you purchase a coupon and then don’t use it :C

Anyone else see any great deals out there lately? Have you purchased items from any of the sites I mentioned?


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