Great Deal!

We interrupt your regular broadcast for this GREAT DEAL today! I was literally just lusting over the custom stamp on Mrs. Taffy’s wedding invitations (showcased on weddingbee)…

Mrs. Taffy's wedding invitations- I ❤ the custom stamp!

…and then this morning, this great deal pops up in my inbox!

Zazzle- the place where custom stamps are born.

OMG! I am *so* excited about this. There was no way that custom stamps were in my invitation budget….until now! 🙂 If anyone is interested in the price breakdown, here it is:
– For a sheet of 20 “large” custom stamps on zazzle it costs $19.95, which is an additional $11.15 over the traditional price of the stamp ($0.44 per stamp) PLUS $3.99 for shipping.
– The coupon is $20 for $40 worth of “goods”. So, let’s say I purchase 2 sheets of stamps for a total of approximately $40. Add in shipping, and that is a total of $43.99 for 40 stamps. Those stamps would have cost me $17.60 anyways if I had purchased them at the post office, so let’s substract that cost- leaving us with $26.39 overhead for custom stamps.
– BUT, I essentially got $20 free with my coupon! So actually, those 40 custom stamps only cost me $6.39 !!! (Did anyone else just get really, really excited?!)

Since I am going to need to purchase a *lot* of postage (300+ guests invited will do that do ya), I am going to buy multiple of this gift certificate. How am I going to do that, since you are limited to 1 coupon per person? Well, friends- that is what family is for. My mom, sisters and Mr.A will all be instructed to buy coupons today.

Is anyone else contemplating custom stamps? Does this sway you in that direction, like it did for me?


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