Making a list, checking it twice! (lesson learned)

Ahhh…advice I wish I would have taken. By the time Mr.A and I finished designing, purchasing and assembling the Save The Dates (STDs) we were *exhausted* with the process. We could see the light at the end of the tunnel and we just wanted to be DONE.

So when it came to addressing the STDs, we I *may* have rushed through the process. Before we sent out the STDs, Mr.A calmly suggested that we check the addressed STDs against our guest list- that we essentially check off on the list who we sent STDs to. This was a particularly good suggestion since we were still missing some addresses and were only sending out about half of our STDs.

But, did I take this advice? ME, take ADVICE? Yeah. Nope! :S

And I really wish I would have. Because it would have prevented such mistakes as:
– Accidentally mailing some individuals more than one STD (In one case, I *may* have mailed one couple 3 STDs…embarrassing!)
– Forgetting to mail some individuals any STD at all!
– And basically having no record of who actually got STDs!!

Who are you addressed to? No one knows!

This is a short post, but has good advice! Anyone else have advice about how you made sure to mail STDs (or invitations) to all the people on your list?


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