The return of wedding dress shopping recaps

It has been a LOOOONG time since I have talked about wedding dresses, and there is a reason for that. I ended up going on three separate wedding dress shopping trips, and on the third one- I bought my dress! Yay, exciting! And I like my dress, I really really do. I just have had a hard time because like- it’s THE dress, the dress I am supposed to be madly in love with! The dress that makes my heart start pounding all crazy! And it’s been hard to tell if the dress I bought fits that description.
So, I’ve kinda avoided talking about it.

My dress is better looking than this one, I swear. Photo image by BridePOP.

The situation is this: I chose to purchase my wedding dress because it looked super great, I thought Mr.A would enjoy it, it was a good price and I liked the shop that I purchased it from. I still think the dress is really pretty and looks really fantastic- and everyone I’ve showed it to “oohs and ahhs”. I’m just not sure it is the dress of my dreams. The dress I purchased (which I will reveal soon!) is more “formal”, “traditional” & “elegant” and I was hoping for more “whimsical”, “princess” and “fun”.

I absolutely LOVE this dress. Unfortunately, it is lightyears away from being affordable for me.

<sigh> What to do? I’ve thought a LOT about this wedding dress dilemma, and I’ve talked the ear off of anyone who will listen. Still, the answer to “what to do?”  hasn’t been clearer. At various times, I have considered:

  • Reselling my dress (returning isn’t an option) and then purchasing a new one. Unfortunately, I would lose a lot of moola this way.
  • Taking a chance and purchasing a knockoff designer dress from China, keeping the original dress juuuust in case the knockoff was a bust.
  • Finding a designer on etsy that will recreate a whimsical dress for me. The negative factor here is that I think even getting a designer on etsy would be too expensive for me, that and you never know if it will work out.
  • Being open minding and realizing that the dress I purchased can be made more “fun” by adding elements of whimsy- like colored shoes and a sash. Part of my problem is that I have a REALLY hard time visualizing things, so until I see my dress altered to fit me (right now it is HUGE) and with the additional fun elements, I can’t really imagine how it will look.
  • In addition to the bullet above, wearing the dress I have for the ceremony and then purchasing a separate, fun dress for the reception. The thing that bugs me about this option is, if I’m going to spend so much money on a wedding dress – why would I only wear it for part of the wedding and then change into a different dress? Seems silly.

I ❤ the dress on the far left- although my guess is that it is out of my price range (I don't know the designer- any ideas?). Photo courtesy of Charm City Blog.

At this point, I am leaning towards the last two options. Because I really do love the dress I purchased, and I think Mr.A will love it. I just wanted something fun as well. And honestly- at the end of the day, does it really matter? The most radiant brides are the ones that are happy, joyful and in love- and let me tell ya, I got that covered. 😉

I guess what I am trying to say is this: Yes, the dress I purchased maybe isn’t my dream dress (Although maybe it is! How do you know?)- but it is a kick-a$$ dress and I know it looks great and I will love it, because it is my wedding dress. And I know that on my wedding day, I could be wearing a SACK and I would still feel beautiful, loved and super special. I don’t need a $8000 dress to get that feeling- just having my friends & family there and Mr.A waiting for me at the end of the aisle is enough.  🙂

So, what do you think? How do you feel about your wedding dress? How do you know if your dress is your dream dress and how do you keep from second-guessing?


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2 Responses to The return of wedding dress shopping recaps

  1. Mom says:

    Great recap of the dress saga. I just want to point out that I didn’t say the whimsical dress looked like a afghan blanket, rather it looks exactly like a chenille bedspread that I had as a young girl!

    I think you are going to look amazing no matter what you wear! There won’t be a dry eye in the house when they see you and Mr. A. together.

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