Wedding Dress Shopping: the end!

After my brief wedding dress shopping trip in the midwest and a short visit to a going out of business sale, it was time for the BIG wedding dress excursion in San Francisco. For this trip, my mom and sisters (Joint maid of honors) made plans to fly in from the midwest and go with me to try on dresses. I researched wedding dress shops online using yelp and then  made my appointments, being sure to leave time between each one for travel and rest / recovery. Here is our itinerary and the results! :

Shop #1: Bridal Galleria
The bridal galleria is an upscale shop (Which is a polite way of me saying that I couldn’t afford anything there, and really just went to get ideas.) that has a great selection. You know how they are always saying on “Say Yes to the Dress” that you should NEVER try on dresses that you can’t afford? Because then you will be “ruined” for all other dresses? Well. This is true- do NOT try on a $2000 dress when you can only afford something under $1000 !

This was the only photo I was allowed to take in the shop. And see- I learned from my previous wedding dress shopping trips, my hair looks much better here! 🙂 Also, I NEED a robe like this for my wedding day. Can you say "awesome"??

I don’t have photos of me in any of the dresses I tried on at Bridal Galleria, but I can show you the designer image of the dress which made the greatest impression:

This is a Watters gown, style name: Lasara. I loved this dress, although the fabric was worrying (looked like it would wrinkle). I tried this dress on with a sparkly belt (that was priced at $500- can you believe it!?) and that really made the dress look fantastic.

Shop #2: Jin Wang
Next up was Jin Wang. This shop was much more in my price range, but their selection was significantly smaller than Bridal Galleria. I did find one dress which I thought was almost perfect….can you guess which one?

I enjoyed the full skirt on this dress. And don't you just love my sister in the background looking HECKA bored?? lol.

Hmm...not so flattering.

I'm not a huge fan of this style on me, but I do think it looks nice.

Sparkles!! This was a Jasmine Bridal Gown.

This dress had drama, for sure.

I guess that was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? I, of course, loved the last gown. The Andersons are NOT impulse buyers, so although we liked that last dress, we very responsibly took down the style name & designer at this shop and then ventured over to our last destination of the day. (And I’m glad we didn’t impulse buy- because looking back at the pics, that last dress is not as traditional as I wanted.)

Shop #3: Forget me Knots
Forget me Knots is a very lovely store, and I had actually visited here before when I went with my friend Katie to find her wedding dress. Although Forget me Knots has a limited selection, it is hand-picked to represent a diverse and elegant selection. The shop mostly carries Casablanca bridal gowns, which tend to be priced right around $1000. I will admit, at first I was a bit disappointed when we walked in. There were so few gowns- and I didn’t see anything that screamed “try me on!!” But then….I tried on the one! My dress!

And coming up in the next post, the big reveal!

When you went shopping for your dress, did anything immediately jump out at you? Was it ‘love at first sight’?


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