Wedding Dress Shopping: The End II

We last left off at Forget Me Knots Bridal in San Francisco, awaiting trying on “the one”. (lol- I have to laugh, because it is kind of a ridiculous notion that a dress could be “the one”).

I think the suspense has gone on long enough! (drum roll please) It is my pleasure to introduce my wedding dress, Casablanca style 1827:

The back is one of my favorite parts of this dress.

The dress does not come with a sash, but I fell in love with this new bridal trend so we will be adding one, similar to the one you see here.

My entourage! I couldn't have done it without them. 🙂

One last interesting thing to note about our wedding dress shopping experience (And I say “our”, because it really was a group event!- just the way I wanted it to be.) is that my family is NOT made up of impulsive shoppers. Our motto is “comparison shop until you drop”……but! we decided to purchase this dress the same day I tried it on!! Even though I have had my doubts about whether this is the “perfect” dress, I have to say- our unanimous decision to purchase is a pretty good sign that this dress is amazing. 🙂

How was your wedding dress shopping experience? Did you purchase right away, or did you take time to mull things over…and possibly even comparison shop?


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4 Responses to Wedding Dress Shopping: The End II

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  2. Emily says:

    Beautiful dress! I exhausted all searches online before I determined it was time to go look for myself. I made two appointments in the St. Paul, Minneapolis area in December and brought my mom, MoH, and two sisters. The first appointment I thought I had found the one but I decided I should hold off on buying it and go to the second appointment the next day. I’m glad I did because there I really did find THE ONE and interestingly enough it was a completely different look than the first one. We ordered it that day and it’s now hanging in my closet. Before I picked it up I had all sorts of doubts but once I picked it up and tried it on. I knew it was the perfect dress.

    • annlili says:

      Thanks!! It’s such a scary decision to make! Where did you end up getting your dress? I tried on a few in the Twin Cities- although, it was just for fun because I had already gotten my dress. 😛
      And it’s true, sometimes you find something you completely weren’t looking for. I thought I did NOT want lace- and what do I end up with? A lace dress. lol.

      • Emily says:

        I first went to the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul and had a great experience there. The place where I found my dress was The Wedding Chapel in Crystal. My aunt used to work there and my sister and two cousins found their wedding dresses there so it was kind of a cute tradition to carry on. They had a great selection with tons of dresses of every style. BUT….the store is kind of outdated, and the sales lady kept trying to get me to try on these dresses that were not my style. Thankfully the decor and sales help didn’t reflect the dresses that were sold in the store. And thank god I had my sister, MoH, and Mom there to help pick out dresses and my MoH actually pulled the dress I ended up buying.

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