Dressing the maids…

Even though I purchased my wedding dress on the 3rd “shopping trip”- making the dress buying a relatively fast process!- it was a looooong time until I really felt like I really loved the dress, and frankly- it was a long time until I stopped looking for a “new” one (And by “looking” I of course mean browsing the web for countless hours and fantasizing about ordering a knock-off dress from China.).

Which all means that it was a long time until I was ready to look at bridesmaid dresses! But finally the time came to decide on on dresses for the maids. And, in typical Rebecca fashion I researched the topic to death and then made a decision- which, you may actually remember seeing in my inspiration board…and here it is again! Bridesmaid dress choice #1.

This dress is from Alexia Designs, and for some reason is not on the website. But you can see the strapless version HERE.

Of course, the bridesmaid dress saga doesn’t end there! HECKKKK no. That would be way to easy- and not the Anderson way. 🙂

You seeeee, the more I looked at this dress, the more I realized it was kinda “ehh”. Not to say my sister doesn’t look gorgeous above (of course!) but the dress just seemed to typical. I hate to say it, but the bridesmaid dress saga may have taken even more time and effort than the wedding dress saga!! Bridesmaids, if any of you are reading this – THANK YOU for putting up with the million emails I sent, the million decisions I made and then unmade, the tears and laughter. You are all amazing.

Stay tuned for the continuing stories of the bridesmaid sagas. 😛 How was your bridesmaid dress experience- easy and quick, or complicated and drawn out like mine?


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