Bridesmaid dress shopping: Siri in San Francisco

I don’t know about other brides out there, but for me- bridesmaid dress shopping was not f.u.n. Most of the dresses out there, for whatever reason, seem to be badly made, not flattering and expensive. Just what you are looking for in a dress you’re forcing others to buy, right??

There are a few designers who seem to buck this trend and actually produce high quality, beautiful dresses. One of which is Siri Designs. My sisters and I were lucky in that Siri Designs warehouse is in SF and we were able to schedule a viewing / try-on session with the designer herself assisting us!!

Here are our favorite dresses from that session:

Veronica Lake Gown; VERY pretty.

The back was super flattering.

This is the Evita Gown; my sister Caitlin (pictured here) and I loved it - Alyssa not so much. And it didn't really go with the style of my wedding.

Back of Kyoto- hot!

But the front was kinda plain.

Sorbonne Gown in taffeta; this was ultimately our favorite from this session.

Alyssa on the left is wearing Right Bank (which also comes in a longer version) and Caitlin is wearing the short version of the Sorbonne gown.

Our biggest takeaway from the Siri experience was that structured fabrics and styles flatter everyone and look a bit less “typical”. Previous to this we had been looking at drape-y gowns in chiffon- now we knew that taffeta was more our style. I would highly encourage anyone to check out Siri – beautiful designs AND the designer is super nice. 🙂

Did anyone else out there struggle with bridesmaid dress shopping? Any particular lessons-learned that made it easier?


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3 Responses to Bridesmaid dress shopping: Siri in San Francisco

  1. Emily says:

    I agree, bridesmaids dress shopping was the most stressful part of planning so far for me. I had my maids with while I was shopping for wedding dresses and they tried on a few things. The worst part for us was the dresses only came in certain sample sizes and these sizes did not fit my curvy sisters. It was so hard to tell if a dress was going to look right on all three of my girls. We ended up going to David’s Bridal. They have every size available to try on in each of the styles. And I think we found one that will look right on everyone. I think I also stressed about the decision because it was someone else that was going to have to pay for it and wear it.

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