Special Announcement! Etsy alchemy substitutes.

We interrupt the *bridesmaid blast* with a special announcement concerning the Etsy alchemy feature!

For those newbies out there, Etsy is a *wonderful* crafting/art community with the mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers. Perfect for locating that handmade wedding item you were searching for! One of the best features of Etsy, imho, was the alchemy section where one could easily request custom work. Now, unfortunately the alchemy feature has been on hiatis for 2011, as the Etsy team is working on revamping the feature. In the meantime, how is a gal (or guy!) supposed to request custom pieces, such as custom wedding invitation designs?

Hence this special announcement! My latest wedding project is working on the invitations (OMG- and I thought STDs were a lot of work!!!) and since the Andersoens like to be difficult and are not artistically inclined, we are (of course!) looking to get custom invitations created and during this process, I have discovered a few new “alchemy substitutes” that I would like to share with you.

1. Custom Order Corner- The New Etsy Alchemy: A few Etsy community members created the COC as a stop-gap until the “real” new alchemy feature is released. I have actually used the COC to request wedding invitation bids and it has worked out really well! I highly recommend this.

Screenshot from the Custom Order Corner


2. U Name it, I make it (UNIIMI): This is an entire website set up for finding “artists for hire”. I haven’t personally used UNIIMI, but it has been recommended. And, hey- it’s a SUPER catchy name- right?! Must be good. 🙂

Screenshot from UNIIMU {U Name it, I Make It}


3. Bespoke, by “Try Handmade” Community: Try Handmade is a blog & community set up for artists. There happens to be a lot of crossover between the artists here and the ones on Etsy, so when the Etsy alchemy feature was “turned off”, this group banded together and created “Bespoke”, or “Alchemy II”. This is another feature that I myself haven’t used yet, but I am looking forward to trying it out!

Screenshot from Bespoke @ Try Handmade Community


And that sums up the top three alchemy subs I have found, bringing a close to this *special announcement*! Has anyone else used any of these, or other sites, to request custom work? How has the process gone?



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4 Responses to Special Announcement! Etsy alchemy substitutes.

  1. Great piece! I’ve learnt that consistency is the main thing and to a certain extent it’s not important what route you take. 😉

  2. Add ‘Little Alchemy Atelier’ to the list!

    The team is http://www.etsy.com/teams/9223/littlealchemyatelier
    Official website http://www.littlealchemyatelier.com
    Official forum; community & alchemy http://www.littlealchemyatelier.net

  3. Eliza says:

    I tried all three of your suggestions, thanks! None of them are as good at Etsy alchemy was, unfortunately. Uniimi was BY FAR the worst, though. I liked Try Handmade Community, but I am not sure that Bespoke gets enough traffic.

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