Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: Minneapolis Bound!

After my experience at Siri and my online research, I was armed to go shopping one last time (hopefully!!) and pick out dresses. My main targets were dresses with structured, shiny fabrics (like taffeta) that would compliment my bridesmaids and my dress.

Taffeta has a rep of being from the 80s, but I say it works! Although...maybe not really here. Photo credit Women's Day.

Luckily, I had a flight voucher so in April, over Easter Weekend, I flew home to the Midwest for a shopping excursion with my sister & maid of honor, Alyssa. I got into Minneapolis rather late in the evening and crashed at a local hotel, waking in the morning to Alyssa’s phone call alerting me that she and my mom were almost there. Once they got up to my room, my mother suddenly mentioned that she had to go run a quick errand and would be right back. Huh?

That quick errand was picking up my sister Caitlin (and other Maid of Honor) at the airport!! Caitlin flew in from Ohio as a surprise, specifically to help me with shopping. How great was that?!

SO- now with both MOH in tow, we were ready for some serious shopping. My mother had set up all the appointments (thanks mom!) and we quickly set off for the first one…

Rush’s Bridal, Downtown Minneapolis
This was a cute little wedding boutique with a MASSIVE selection. We took a quick perusal of the wedding dresses (they were begggging to be looked at) and the shop’s selection & prices seemed fantastic. I would highly recommend this store as a stop on the search for a wedding dress.
Once we started looking at bridesmaid dresses, we all became a bit overwhelmed with the selection. I kept telling my sisters “pick anything to try on, I want you to be happy with the dress!” and they kept telling me “tell us what you want us to try on, we’ll try on anything!” Sounds nice, everyone being so accommodating, but it’s actually a recipe for debilitating indecision.

Photo of Rush's Bridal, from store website. Even though we didn't find success here, I would HIGHLY recommend this store for other brides & bridesmaids. The selection and atmosphere were really fantastic.

We were able to pick a few dresses to try from the Dessy Group, but nothing really struck us and with everyone getting a bit cranky we left to journey forth to our next stop.

Our Shop, Stillwater Minnesota
Our Shop has a fairly large selection of wedding dresses & Mother of the Bride dresses (I have a suspicion we will be visiting this store in the near future to help my mother with her shopping…) but a rather small number of bridesmaid dresses. The store representative helping us explained that they found over the years that Besole & B2 bridesmaid dresses (from Jasmine Bridal) had the best dresses that flattered every figure.

Our Store only carries bridesmaid dresses from Besole & B2. Both of these lines are from Jasmine Bridal Designs. Photo is a screenshot from Jasmine Bridal, Besole style number L4056.

Unfortunately, we were just not into the more flowy styles offered by Besole & B2, so this was a rather short stop for us! Again, even though we didn’t find success here I would highly recommend this store if you were into the look of Besole & B2 and/or in the market for bridal gowns or mother of the bride dresses. On to our last stop of the day!

Priscilla of Boston, Edina Minnesota
During my internet search for the perfect bridesmaid dresses, I kept seeing PB dresses that were seriously drool-worthy. I loved how elegant and sharp they looked; they were reminiscent of the Siri dresses I loved, but with a slightly smaller pricetag. So I was seriously looking forward to visiting Priscilla of Boston in Edina.

One of the many inspirational photos I found of PB dresses.

And, I am happy to report, the store did not disappoint. The service was great, atmosphere super elegant; all in all, a fantastic visit. So fantastic in fact, that we found a dress which all three of us (MOHs & I) agreed on!

This dress is Vineyard Style 1422 on the PB website. Gorgeous!

On top of our mutual “like” for the dress, it was on sale- 20% off in celebration for the Royal Wedding. We all know how the Andersoens love a sale, so this HAD to be the dress we ended up buying, right? Right?!

Well, this wouldn’t be a tale from the Andersoen blog if it ended there. Although we had 99% decided on this dress, it ended up getting rejected in the end. For the story of how that happened and what we DID end up purchasing, stay tuned!

Did anyone else find particular stores or designers that they would recommend to others out there who are searching for the perfect bridesmaid gown?


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  3. Searching for bridesmaid dresses is really exciting. Right now I’m searching for sister’s bridesmaid dress and we haven’t decide in which store to buy. Thanks for sharing these info.

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