Bridesmaid dress shopping: marathon sessions at Priscilla of Boston

After journeying to Minnesota and tentatively choosing a dress at Priscilla of Boston, I flew back to San Francisco and sent off emails to all my maids (five in total!) asking their opinions on the dress I had picked out. It was important to me that all the maids liked the dress (or at least could tolerate it) since they would be paying for it.

Unfortunately, that is where we ran into two slight problems. The first being that a few of my bridesmaids actually didn’t like the gown and the second being that after reviewing it for a while, hemming & hawing, I decided I had some concerns also! I was worried that it might look too “full” and create a “wall of fabric” when all my maids were lined up next to me.

OH NO! She haz changed her mindz...AGAIN! Photo credit to Hubpages.

Sooo…..what’s a gal to do? I really loved the styling of the dresses at PB and did *not* feel like looking anywhere else, so I simply went to PB and tried on every (Yes EVERY) dress in the store which I thought might work for the wedding. I also went one step further and asked my sister Caitlin to visit the PB near her in Ohio so that she could try on dresses and send me photos, AND I asked my bridesmaid Susan (the only one who loved in SF) to come with me to PB one afternoon to try on a few as well. I have to send a HUGE thank you to my sister Caitlin, because she really went above and beyond in helping me with this process- thank you, THANK YOU! ­čÖé

Now, without further ado, here are the dresses at Priscilla of Boston which, after many a marathon try-on session, ended up being the top contenders for the Andersoen Wedding:

This is STYLE PB321V2, which we affectionately named "the hot dress"- because when people tried it on, they felt hot! (Although I kinda look more like a "hot mess" here, right? lol) I am trying on the taffeta version here, but it does also come in satin.

This is STYLE PB431, or what we referred to as the "tie dress", because it had a tie in the front. It doesn't look especially flattering on me here, but it looked great on everyone else. It's one of my fav PB dresses.

This is STYLE PB418, or what we called "the flower dress" (for again, obvious reasons). This dress has a fuller front but a mermaid style back- interesting.

In the end I rejected the flower dress and put the final two options (the hot dress and the tie dress) up for a vote from the ‘maids. Can you guess which dress┬áreceived┬áthe most votes and will be featured at the Andersoen wedding? ­čÖé

Was your bridesmaid dress search also plagued with crazy-indecision?


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2 Responses to Bridesmaid dress shopping: marathon sessions at Priscilla of Boston

  1. Emily says:

    My vote is for the hot dress!

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