Bridesmaid Dresses: the final verdict is….

After an incredibly long (long) road, the Andersoen bridesmaids voted to wear the Priscilla of Boston dress dubbed “the hot one”.

The "hot" bridesmaid dress for the Andersoen wedding.

YAY! A decision has been made. Although you may recall that our wedding colors are based around purplish shades, I somewhat fell in love with the idea of grey bridesmaid dresses during the search. So rather than purple, the bridemaids will be sporting grey with accents of purple (maybe in jewelry? clutches? we’ll see….).

The Andersoen bridesmaid dress will be featured in "shade".

Whew! Finishing the tale of bridesmaid dresses gives me a sense of relief all over again that the decision is DONE. Looking at the color choices again I am also (predictably) second-guessing the choice to go with shade. Let’s see some lovely grey bridesmaid dresses to remind me how great they are, shall we?

This is one of the photos that has inspired me the MOST. I just love the look of the dresses here- and the "natural" poses are great too. If anyone is interested in this particular bridesmaid dress, I believe it is designed by Melissa Sweet (style #MS215) and sold at Priscilla of Boston.

Don't you just love the sophisticated wedding party posed against the natural backdrop? This type of photo makes me long to get married on a farm, with the reception held in a barn. Talk about rustic elegance!


Ok, feeling better. Panic attack subsided. Did anyone else end up modifying their color scheme halfway through the planning process?

And, is anyone else doing grey bridesmaid dresses? I would love to hear your thoughts on styling, etc.


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1 Response to Bridesmaid Dresses: the final verdict is….

  1. Emily says:

    Love, Love, Love it!!!

    I was going to do a charcoal/grey bridesmaid dress. And would have but the dress we picked out at Davids Bridal didn’t come in their pewter color. So we compromised and did the dress in black and added a pewter sash.

    There is lots you can do as far as styling to add those pops of color. I’m looking forward to adding color to my wedding party with the flowers, shawls, possibly shoes. The men are wearing orange and pink ties to also bring more color in.

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