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Since we have many out-of-town guests that will be flying to our wedding, we are planning on sending our invitations on the early-side… least, that is the *plan*. We’ll see if the Andersoens can actually make that happen!!

In order to meet our self-imposed July deadline for invitations, we devoted a lazy Saturday afternoon in early May to conduct an extensive internet search for wedding invitation inspiration. Below are the invitations we bookmarked and saved as inspiration. (Please note that the wordpress links have been acting a bit crazy, so to visit the websites of these invitations, click on the photo.)

Mrs. Cupcake's invitation suite (from weddingbee); I LOVE the whimsical yet elegant feel of this. And the details!! So thoughtfully & artfully put together.

This suite is from etsy seller shannonlewallen. Mr.A and I really enjoyed the element of nature combined with elegant script- plus the colors are just fantastic.

This suite from etsy seller Mavora remains my mother's top choice. 🙂 I have to say it is definitely one of my favorites too; it's outdoorsy and yet has a classic grace.

This package is from etsy seller sheilamaridesign. Although this exact design wouldn't work for us (it evokes a spring feeling, rather than fall) I REALLY like how the design on the "guest information", "reception information" and "rsvp" cards travels up the side and is progressive- how neat is that?!

This elegant look is from etsy seller shineinvitations. It is SUPER classy, right?! I can totally see our monogram fitting in with this look.

This invitation from etsy seller inkylivie was one of the first invitations I bookmarked. I LOVE the nature look the richness of the design.

This design by Katie Sylor-Miller instantly struck Mr.A and I and has remained a favorite. It really embodied that "rustic elegance" we were looking for- beautiful!

Although Mr.A and I may have spent just a couple hours a million hours pouring over invitations on the net, that was the easy part. The hard part is what came next- making a DECISION about the invitations; namely, what kind of design we wanted and how to create it (buy something off the shelf, get a custom creation, diy- so many choices!).

How did you decide the look of your wedding invitations? Any particularly inspirational websites or photos that you found?


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3 Responses to Invitation Inspiration

  1. inoakpark says:

    I love the one your mom likes (and the last one too!).

  2. SF Brit says:

    If you are interested we have ALL wedding invitations ever given to us stored away. You are welcome to browse through them.

    My comment…..focus on what tone you want for your wedding (think three to four adjectives or nouns) and material / content you want in the invite first. The design usually smalls out of that.

    Final comment…..Kay and Shroff’s is still hands down the best wedding invitation I have EVER seen

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