Gocco my gocco

I’m not sure what the nonsensical heading for this post means (um, talk about a redundant sentence!) but it kinda fits in with the crazy-nervous-butterflies feeling I get when I think of the gocco sitting in my spare bedroom closet at home.

The brightly colored box labeled "PG-5" is my intimidating box of crazy, aka gocco.

What is a gocco? Basically it is a Japanese screenprinting machine, made for home use and designed to be user-friendly. Using the gocco, you can create a stencil of an image and then apply ink to “stamp” (or screenprint) your image onto paper, cloth, etc.

When gocco was created in 1977 it was extremely popular in Japan; since then it has also gained a steady U.S. following… particularly in (you guessed it!) the wedding invitation market!

A gorgeous example of a gocco'ed wedding invitation!

Another stunning example, this one posted on weddingbee.

And one more example, because I just couldn't resist. 🙂 This invitation was made by Mrs. Penguin, for a friend, and posted on weddingbee.

If you’ve heard about gocco before then you probably also know that even though there is a steady following in the US, the Japanese company which produced gocco has ceased production. Never fear however!! There are MANY places to get supplies (etsy is a popular one, as well as ebay), for reasonable prices.

You can probably guess where this is all heading: I am planning to gocco our wedding invitations! (EKK! Being as “non-crafty” as I am, writing that makes me very nervous!!) I am *not* however designing our invitations. Oh, no- I’m leaving the design work up to a professional. (Speaking of which, stay tuned for information on the AMAZING designer who agreed to work with us! She is seriously fantastic.)

So, am I crazy to decide to gocco 175 invitations? Hmmm….I would say yes, but I do have the awesome help of friends & Mr.A to get me through it! 🙂

Anyone else out there gocco’ing your invitations?! And/or, has anyone else seen amazing examples of gocco work?


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3 Responses to Gocco my gocco

  1. Amanda Patey says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog because I woke up this morning in a wedding-planning frenzy. I don’t even have a date set, just sometime next year, but now I’m obsessed. I’m a DIY-er too, so I’m definitely going to start following you for inspiration!! I tried making my own invitations (before we postponed the wedding, it was supposed to a rushed wedding last May) on scrapbooking paper and using a normal printer and the like…needless to say it didn’t work. LOVE the first one you posted though, with the birds. Just gorgeous :).

  2. Wow, didn’t know there’s such a handy screenprinting machine called Gocco. Thanks for the tip! Cheers 🙂

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