Make me up!

Let’s take a break from invitations and discuss makeup, shall we? On a regular day, I don’t always wear makeup (um…actually, I usually do NOT wear any). And when I do it’s fairly minimal and uninspired.

This pic is from fall 2010 and I'm the one in the middle- with my sisters on each side- wearing what I consider my "fancy" makeup look. Hm...not great.

I was looking through my photos to see if I had ANY where I was sporting a good makeup look and this photo from 2007 is prob the best I can find. I guess I haven't learned many new makeup techniques since then, have I?!

Don’t get me wrong though- I love the idea of fancy makeup; I’m also just fairly lazy and unskilled in this area (can anyone relate to me here?!). Even with my lack of expertise, I am determined to DIY my makeup for the wedding. Mainly because I would really like to learn HOW to apply makeup (and what products to use)…and then there is also the added benefit that by going the DIY route I can justify using “wedding funds” to buy cosmetics. 🙂

Recently I was visiting one of my bestest buds who lives in LA and she suggested we visit MAC for for a free makeover, so I could get ideas and advice for the wedding. What a fantastic idea! And let me tell ya, it was super fun and super amazing. The photos I took didn’t turn out 100% wonderful (mainly because I had the guy do liquid eyeliner on one eye and pencil on the other. Weird, I know, but I was trying to see the difference between the two!)….but I love the overall look the MAC artist did for me.

I told the artist I didn’t want anything too crazy, so he went with “natural glam”…which you can see below!

Fancy makeup! A few hours after the makeover, still looking good- although, what is UP with my hair?!

Close-up! So, the story here is: originally, the left eye was lined in liquid eyeliner and the right was done in pencil. Then the MAC artist went over the left eye again in pencil, to even things up. Overall, the liner is a bit wonky, but I love the shadow.

The best part of my experience at MAC was that the artist took time to teach me the techniques and reasons behind what he was doing; of course, with the not-so-hidden agenda that I would buy their products and try to replicate the look at home (which I did!).

My plan now is to practice this look, only with a little less liner and less mascara (I think the mascara was a little thick, right?) and also return to MAC soon for another makeover/tutorial.

This is the brilliant photo my friend took of me in the MAC store. Maybe I should work on picking up some modeling skills in addition to makeup application techniques, eh?

Is anyone else doing their own makeup for the wedding? Have you had any good experiences with free makeovers at places such as MAC?


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  1. I was visiting one of my best est buds who lives would buy their products and try to replicate the look at home was super fun and super amazing the artist took time to teach me the techniques and reasons.

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