Invitation Design & Gathering Supplies

Our first big task of the summer was to secure a design for our wedding invitations and then start assembling supplies for the DIY process. We had already spent an afternoon gathering invitation inspirations, so we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted. In fact, we had fallen in love with one design in particular….

Design by Katie Sylor-Miller

and luckily the designer, Katie Sylor Miller, decided she had time to create a similar invitation suite for us! Working with Katie was really a great experience and we were so happy we made that choice. One of the added bonuses of working with Katie was her past experience with Gocco’ing (Japanese screen printing). Mr.A and I were *100% committed* to gocco’ing the invitations ourselves and since Katie had experience with this process she was able to create digital files for us that we could easily use to make gocco screens.

During the design process the big task for Mr.A and I, besides approving and providing input in the designs, was to gather all of our supplies. Does that sound like an easy task? Yeah, it wasn’t. If anyone out there is planning on DIYing your wedding invitations, I advise you to gather the supplies early and strategically. Mr.A and I had no idea how long of a process getting all the supplies would be; I mean, you just go out and buy some notecards, envelopes and postcards- right?!

And actually, it probably would have been just that simple except that months ago we had purchased approximately 50 envelopments pocketfolds at an extreme discount and we wanted to use these for the invitations. You may think “well, that sounds fantastic!” and it would have been, except for two things:
1) We had to pick up 125 MORE pocketfolds (we needed 175 in total)
2) We had to buy paper that would fit inside the pocketfolds and envelopes that would accommodate the entire package.

An example of a envelopments pocketfold (different color, but same shape as the one we used). This design is from TickleMeInk on etsy.

After a LOT of browsing the web, the cheapest I could find the supplies was from a company called Parklife Press – and while they did give us a discount (thanks!) they were not that cheap, mainly because “envelopements” is a expensive brand – who knew?!

If I had to do it all over again, I would have researched before I jumped into purchasing a few discount supplies. If I had done that, I would have found “Cards & Pockets” – whose supplies were less than half of what I paid. Ah, well! Lesson learned!

Cards & Pockets pocketfold - half the price of envelopments! Bah.

Did anyone else learn valuable lessons while purchasing / designing / or gathering materials for wedding invitations?


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