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Invitation Design & Gathering Supplies

Our first big task of the summer was to secure a design for our wedding invitations and then start assembling supplies for the DIY process. We had already spent an afternoon gathering invitation inspirations, so we had a pretty good … Continue reading

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Make me up!

Let’s take a break from invitations and discuss makeup, shall we? On a regular day, I don’t always wear makeup (um…actually, I usually do NOT wear any). And when I do¬†it’s fairly minimal and uninspired. Don’t get me wrong though- … Continue reading

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Gocco my gocco

I’m not sure what the nonsensical heading for this post means (um, talk about a redundant¬†sentence!) but it kinda fits in with the crazy-nervous-butterflies feeling I get when I think of the gocco sitting in my spare bedroom closet at … Continue reading

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Special Announcement! Etsy alchemy substitutes.

We interrupt the *bridesmaid blast* with a special announcement concerning the Etsy alchemy feature! For those newbies out there, Etsy is a *wonderful* crafting/art community with the mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to … Continue reading

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Constructing the STDs: Photoshop Tips

There were two main skills I learned in photoshop which REALLY helped in constructing the STDs: using layer masks & using actions. If these are brand new terms for you, I strongly suggest you check out the mcp tutorials which … Continue reading

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Finally, F I N A L L Y, we have our Save the Dates done! Our goal was to have these out the door by the end of October…yeah….90% of the got sent in February and then the other 10% … Continue reading

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DIY 1: making it less DIY

Remember ‘DIY Project #1: Wedding Scratch-Offs’? I was so excited to have my first tutorial up online! Yeah. And then my mom found an (admittedly) cool product online that takes a lot of the DIY out of this project. These … Continue reading

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