Finally, F I N A L L Y, we have our Save the Dates done! Our goal was to have these out the door by the end of October…yeah….90% of the got sent in February and then the other 10% are in the mail as we speak*.

But all of that is for another post, because this is the STD REVEAL! The process of creating the STDs might have been long, arduous, a pain in the ar$e and everything else- but they did turn out pretty.

First, the front of our STD magnet…

And then the back, which shows the business card that we had made to provide extra info to our guests (on the back of the business card we have our wedding website address)…

And all together in envelopes… (which you can’t tell in this photo, but they are sparkly! We did the wrap around label thing, so our return address is on the back.)

I hope you like them as much as we do! Did you have as much fun sending out STDs as I did? What type of STD did you end up choosing?



*And by “in the mail as we speak” I really mean “I will be finishing them up tonight and getting them in the mail tomorrow morning”. DOH!


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